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Are our databases configured for optimal performance? Is our database infrastructure optimally secured? Are we optimally configured across our environment? Will our environment scale to meet growing demands of our business?


HYH Administration service offerings deliver the combination of flexible, reliable and secure solutions based on your unique needs. We provide a full range of Database Administration Services for your Oracle and SQL Server databases.


HYH consulting services focus on infrastructural improvements data analysis to improve business. We can work with you on your projects, from architecting and designing, to development and deployment.

Cloud Database

Business need to be scalable highly available with reasonable operational costs. HYH can help you in you move to cloud infrastructure from traditional datacenters.We can help you from Assessing your cloud needs to migration to cloud.

Development and Automation

Our assessment of your environment can help us identify task which can be automated and if needed we can also help you develop those automation routines as well.


Our data security policy experts can help you implement enterprise-wide data security policies that include data classification and redaction account monitoring and control.

Performance Tuning

Does your environment suffer from long running SQLs; if your users always complain about database performance by using a combination of battle tested professional skills and Oracle technologies.

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